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What We Do

Meet Zeiders

We are a veteran-owned contractor providing human services solutions to support Military and Veteran communities. The work we do is directed toward enhancing the lives of individuals and strengthening the organizations they serve. Our employees have a first-hand connection with the military and join us with a purpose; they want to make a difference to the individuals and families we support.

Our Guiding Principles

Respect, excellence, diversity, teamwork, growth, and balance are a way of life at Zeiders. We live and work by Core Values and Cultural Norms, which are critical to operational success. They are guiding principles for every member of the Zeiders team and are woven into the way we work.

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Another Way to Serve

Founded by a Veteran, Zeiders has supported the Department of Defense since 1984, and today, nearly two-thirds of our employees have a military affiliation. We invest in helping our Veterans, Reservists and Military spouses thrive through a variety of career opportunities.

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When Work Isn’t Work

When you discover where your passion and expertise combine, you find a career where you can make a difference in the world, serving others while tending to your own professional growth and learning and finding the support to achieve your goals. Welcome to Zeiders.

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Join Our Team

At Zeiders, we strive to grow, achieve, and fulfill our personal, family, and professional responsibilities. Our success is based on our employees’ dedication to excellence, and we celebrate and support that dedication. Many of us have been recipients of the services we provide and apply those experiences when working side by side with our customers.

Joining our team is just the beginning. We are living our mission of making a difference every day, and we want you to be part of it.

Zeiders News and Events

I am a military child image
Celebrating Military Children

April is the Month of the Military Child. Military children of all branches of service will be celebrated in special days and events designed to honor them and their families throughout the month. Started in 1986 by then-Defense Secretary Casper Weinberger, the Month of the Military Child honors the sacrifices…

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Stress awareness true and false questions.
April is Stress Awareness Month

This month is dedicated to increasing public awareness about stress and successful stress coping strategies. Our bodies respond to demands or threats by releasing stress hormones, which prepare the body for emergency action. Stress, especially chronic stress, can have a harmful impact on our immune system, and can raise blood…

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It’s Social Worker’s Month!

March is National Social Worker’s Month! National Professional Social Work Month is an opportunity for us to highlight the efforts and dedication of social workers throughout the country. Social workers work with countless clients every day, and the compassion and empathy they display in making this invaluable contribution to society…

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