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Human Services. Personal Success.

Comprehensive Transition Services That Enable a Fulfilling Civilian Life.

Our human transition services empower Veterans to transform and thrive as they move from the military to their civilian life.

By combining our understanding of the military community with specific knowledge and experience, our team supports service members and their families with their transition into civilian life.  We help set Veterans on a path to accomplishing future goals and enjoying success as part of the veteran community.

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Supporting the Military to Civilian Transition Journey

Building on more than 40 years of contracting experience providing Veteran transition services to our military, Zeiders uses individualized counseling, group workshops, mobile training teams, virtual contact centers, and web-based education to provide our integrated, comprehensive support services.

Zeiders offers solutions to ensure our customers provide Veterans the services they need, including:

  • Behavioral Health
  • Counseling and Coaching
  • Education & Training
  • Program Support Operations
  • Transition Specific Support
  • Administrative Support Services
What We Do

As experts in military and Veteran family support, we develop and implement tailored programs focused on vocational rehabilitation, employment and career planning assistance, financial counseling, benefits, and Government and external resources available to support the transition to civilian life.

We develop program curricula, courseware, command leader training, and train-the-trainer workshops and deliver services for Veteran support and transition programs.

Zeiders’ Veteran support uses proven methodologies and innovative concepts that support the full scope of the military lifecycle to develop personal resilience and improve quality of life.

How We Help

We coordinate with Military Service Organizations, Veteran Services Organizations, and community-based organizations to make appropriate and impactful referrals for maximum effectiveness on service member and family needs.

Our on-demand learning, hosted webinars, and mobile training team delivery assist transition to the private sector through results-focused programs that support military policy and meet the emerging needs of the individuals we serve.

Understanding the Need

Service members face significant challenges as they transition to the civilian sector and continue on in their future as Veterans. Not only are they facing employment needs, they may also be burdened with health issues, injuries, financial challenges, or difficulty accessing their benefits. These challenges not only impact the military members but also their spouses and children and equally impact the larger community of Reserves and National Guard.

Knowledge of these challenges is critical to providing support for the veteran community. Over 65% of Zeiders staff are military-affiliated and 25% are themselves Veterans. As a result, they understand the unique lifecycle of employment, geographic challenges, and specific stressors of this community. This expertise is the foundation of our ability to improve the quality of life for the individuals we serve.

Cultural Competency

Knowledge of meaningful education and career choices is critical to a successful transition from the military to the civilian sector. We understand how to translate military experience into civilian opportunities. Many Zeiders employees have first-hand connections with the military community and are familiar with the unique challenges faced during transition.

Our comprehensive staff training program focuses on military cultural competency and ensures that all service providers are equipped with knowledge of military demographics and military lifestyle. Our skilled professionals are trained to understand each branch of service and particularly the special needs of our Veteran community. We build on this cultural knowledge to create the trusting relationship critical for success.

Zeiders Offers:

Over 40 years of experience in military-focused wellness and transition services, ensuring individual and family readiness for their civilian life.

Military cultural fluency with specific service branch and veteran community training for all providers.

A service delivery platform that includes:

  • a certified contact center
  • telehealth capability
  • case management expertise
  • a customizable learning management system that support individuals across the globe

Proven operations, workforce management, quality assurance, and reporting.

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Supporting the Navy With Veteran Transition Services

In support of the Veteran’s Opportunity to Work (VOW) to Hire Heroes Act and Veteran’s Employment Initiative (VEI),  Zeiders worked with the Navy on implementation of the requirements for revision of the Transition Assistance Program.

Through interagency coordination and stakeholders’ management, our efforts positively impacted the economic success of service members transitioning to civilian employment.

Customer coordination included:

  • Curriculum development
  • Infrastructure
  • Logistics
  • Mobile training teams
  • Program policy
  • Strategic communications

Zeiders’ approach to implementation allowed rapid deployment of newly-mandated Transition Assistance Program services. Skilled staff provided the delivery of services that empowered economic competitiveness for service members as they transitioned to Veteran status. Services included executing career fairs, job summits, round tables, employer panels, education, and training and providing individualized counseling and assistance.

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