Military Focus

Supporting the military community is our heritage.

Zeiders was founded by a Veteran and remains a privately held company. Today, two-thirds of Zeiders’ employees have a military affiliation, over one-third as military spouses and a further twenty-five percent are veterans. We are proud to say that the Department of Defense was our very first customer in 1984, and we continue to support the military today.

At Zeiders, we bring together people with the passion and expertise to develop innovative solutions and deliver exceptional services to military and veteran communities. We are proud to employ the people who served our country, and we are happy to help them find another way to serve.

Our Shared Heritage with the Military and Veteran Communities:

Approximately 25% of employees are Veterans.

Over 65% of employees have a military affiliation.

40% of employees are military spouses.

We appreciate our teams knowledge of the military lifestyle and believe that familiarity and understanding of the services truly supports our customers.

We offer benefits and support for reservists to ensure career continuity and family connectivity.

We partner with non-profit veterans service organizations and military service organizations to further support the extended community.

For those without a military background, we offer extensive training on the unique history, traditions, and culture of each branch of the military. Employee training includes a focus on understanding each branch of service and particularly the special needs of our veteran community.

Human Services. Mission Success.

We work to strengthen military families through our own hiring and retention practices, holiday giving program, Military Spouse Employment Partnership, and support to military and veteran focused non-profit organizations.

virginia values veterans

 Zeiders understands the value that veterans bring to our workforce. We are committed to employing these experienced men and women in positions that best fit their skill set. We encourage military veterans to search for career opportunities through the Virginia Values Veterans V3 Program.

Hiring Veterans and Spouses

Zeiders respects and supports our country’s military and veterans.  We support the mobile military spouse community. We know that veterans and military spouses are highly skilled, motivated, and flexible professionals with a strong work ethic.

We offer positions for qualified individuals across the country and across the globe, as well as telework positions. Many employees are able to retain their employment with Zeiders through multiple military moves and duty station changes. Zeiders actively recruits at military-civilian job fairs and through programs such as Hiring our Heroes and the Military Spouse Employment Partnership.

Another Way to Serve

At Zeiders, you will work with a team that values you, your experience, and your passion to serve.

Ready to make a difference? 

Zeiders Personal Financial Counselor giving financial education brief in Aircraft carrier hanger bay
Military spouse employment partnership department of defense

Zeiders understands how difficult finding meaningful employment opportunities can be for military spouses. We gladly support this highly skilled and valued community with available positions. However, if our needs do not fit your skills, we encourage military spouses to search opportunities through the Military Spouse Employment Partnership.