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Comprehensive Career Services That Align Goals and Support Successful Employment.

We empower individuals to achieve their employment and career goals through education, career coaching, training services, and industry partner job search support.

Our career services are provided through one-on-one and group support, enhanced by state of the art contact center connectivity to bridge gaps in distance, location, and physical mobility, increasing accessibility for all. Virtual counseling, including video capabilities, chat, and social networking provide virtual support that meets clients where they are and enables successful outcomes.

Trained career practitioners with certifications in career counseling and workforce development provide career coaching, career advising, and wrap around educational support for attainment of individual goals.

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Helping the military community reach their professional goals.

Supporting military and veteran communities includes service members leaving active duty, the National Guard, Reservists, and military spouses. This requires unique solutions to ensure that geographic location and personal limitations do not limit career opportunities.

Zeiders’ customer focus meets individuals where they are with specialized services, including:

  • Career Exploration and Planning
  • Education Options
  • Education, Certification and Credentialing Support
  • Entrepreneurship Opportunities
  • Federal Employment Options
  • Individual Career Assessments and Planning
  • Interviewing, Networking, and Self Marketing Skills
  • Job Search Strategies
  • Resume Preparation and Cover Letter Assistance
  • Developing an Online Presence
  • Navigating Today’s Job Market
  • Translating Military Skills to Civilian Job Experience

Excellence in Contact Center Services

The International Customer Management Institute Global Contact Center Awards Program recognizes organizations dedicated to improving customer experiences and increasing efficiencies at every level in the contact center. Multiple year receipt of a Best Contact Center Award acknowledges our work in serving the military and veteran communities with innovative customer-focused, people-centric strategies and progressive technology tools.

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Certified Quality of Service

Certification by the International Customer Management Institute (ICMI) for Contact Center Excellence is a measure of our delivery of the highest quality of service through our contact center operations.

ICMI certification incorporates widely recognized quality standards, such as the Malcolm Baldridge National Quality Awards and ISO 9001:2015 and leads the contact center industry.

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What We Do

Zeiders delivers individualized, targeted virtual coaching services directly to clients through on-demand virtual interactions and one-on-one and group counseling and training, supporting job seekers in successful employment.

We create pathways to employment with partner organizations. Making connections with employers ensures candidates meet their workforce needs and coaching services align job seeker goals and abilities to talent acquisition objectives.

We provide our customers a global support option with proven operations, workforce management, quality assurance, and reporting that accomplishes their mission, goals, and objectives.

Delivery of Services

We connect with clients through our award-winning, certified Contact Center.  This high-volume capacity contact center offers virtual support and real-time connectivity.  With services tailored for each client, our career counselors and advisors provide responsive support that enables clients to move forward toward reaching their career goals.

Our engagement platform options allow individuals to interact with other careers seekers, coaches, and employers enhancing their connections to resources, providing wrap-around support and motivation for the journey. Using a scalable technology infrastructure, we offer continual access to users and response support.

Zeiders experts provide customized training seminars available for delivery in person or virtually. Zeiders provides planning, organization and delivery of flawless conferences and symposium events, both completely virtual and in person. Our solution and our qualified providers handle events of all sizes, from small groups to thousands of participants.

Education and Career Coordination

Expertise with career assessment and the career choice process using valid and reliable career assessment instruments provides clients with self-awareness and individual insights into the world of work.

Reaching personal career objectives often require education and credentialing. Zeiders brings our experience with educational guidance to the conversation, helping clients identify their needs and supporting them through their learning experience.

Wrap around support services identify potential challenges and connect clients with the necessary resources to successfully complete an educational program. We create bridges between learning program outcomes and employers looking for talent.

Military Cultural Competency

Our comprehensive training program focuses on military cultural competency and ensures that all service providers are equipped with knowledge of military demographics and military lifestyle. Our skilled professionals are trained to understand each branch of service and the special needs of our Veteran community. We build on this cultural knowledge to create the trusting relationship critical for success.

More than 65% of Zeiders employees have first-hand connections with the military and 40% are themselves military spouses. First-hand knowledge of the challenges and issues associated with military spouse employment concerns  and military to civilian skills translation allows us to bring a unique level of understand to the career challenges faced by the military and Veteran communities.

Career Coaching Expertise

Zeiders’ expertise in career services is based on years of experience with career coaches and counselors assisting clients to reach their education and career goals.

Career coaches are nationally certified and have education credentials and in-the-field delivery experience. Zeiders ongoing commitment to employees for learning and professional growth supports service delivery excellence.

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Exceptional Career Services for the Department of Defense

The Department of Defense turned to Zeiders to provide career services expertise, military cultural competency, and the technology infrastructure for the Spouse Education & Career Opportunities program through virtual Contact Center delivery.

The Zeiders approach to quality performance month over month has earned 98% overall satisfaction rating on services provided and helped over 250,000 military spouses find jobs through the Military Spouse Employment Partnership.

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Zeiders has provided services for military transition and spouse career support for over three decades . Let’s talk about how we can help you.

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