Human Performance

People Centric. Partner Strong.

Zeiders is uniquely situated to provide services to our defense industry customers in support of the cognitive, physical, and social components of human performance.

Our service delivery and training expertise reinforces holistic training and support at the command, individual, and family level and are integrated into various programs designed to achieve optimum performance readiness.

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Understanding the human dimension

 A human dimension operational approach addresses each individual’s ability to function as part of a cohesive team, which maximizes the effectiveness of the overall organization in achieving mission readiness.

Zeiders’ wide range of direct service and professional program support expertise builds resilient commands, Service members, and families.

Decades of developing our expertise and credentials has resulted in capabilities and processes for delivering services that help Service members and families prevent stress injuries and thrive by:

  • Building solid psychological resilience
  • Decreasing negative attitudes associated with seeking care for stress-related injuries
  • Fostering effective responses to stress reactions
  • Facilitating healing from stress injuries with the goal of providing the right level of support
What We Do

Our service delivery experience in behavioral and operational stress, clinical care, family support, personal financial management, and physical wellness programs supports the human dimension and operational approach by optimizing individual abilities for mission success.

Through accelerated learning programs with realistic training, mind, body, and spirit programs are integrated to augment knowledge, skills, and individual agility to function at maximum capacity.


We understand the challenges our customers face in optimizing human performance in order to enhance readiness. Zeiders delivers a variety of services designed to support customer needs, such as:

  • Curriculum development and program design
  • Mobile Training Teams for individual and group support
  • Coaches and Counselors dedicated to individual success
  • Credentialed practitioners and specialty trained providers focused on tailored support
Cultural Competency

Zeiders ensures service provider competency through a comprehensive training program that focuses on military cultural competency and ensures that all providers are equipped with knowledge of military demographics and military lifestyle. Our skilled service delivery staffs are trained to work specifically with the Military and Veteran communities and many possess a direct military affiliation.  We build on this understanding of the community to create the trusting relationship critical for providing personalized programs.

Zeiders offers:

Experience in military-focused readiness and resilience services, ensuring individuals and family mission readiness.

Tailored solution-focused programs in support of military policy.

A flexible and responsive staffing solution with ability to meet short-notice requirements.

Worldwide network footprint.

Proven operations, workforce management, quality assurance planning, and reporting.

Let’s Talk

For over 35 years, Zeiders’ singular focus has been to provide services that optimize human performance and respond to the broader needs of the military family community. Let’s talk about how we can help you.