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Understanding of the personal financial challenges service members and their families face and how those challenges impact their health, family relations, and productivity is critical to addressing financial well-being.

Our military-focused financial counselors are experienced in serving throughout the United States, its territories, and locations worldwide. Our proven performance providing personal financial coaching, counseling, and education enhances quality of life for military members and their families and helps ensure the performance readiness of military commands.

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Financial Solutions and Support for the Military Community Worldwide

As a trusted contractor partner, Zeiders support to Department of Defense (DOD) personal financial readiness programs spans over four decades. We provide financial literacy education across the military lifecycle and financial counseling services for service members and their spouses.

Our financial experts recognize the financial challenges and stressors associated with military life and tailor financial counseling and education services to service members and their families with sensitivity, compassion, and respect.

Our support is delivered through a network of experienced, trained, and credentialed financial counselors. Our network also includes professionals trained in tax preparation and consulting. Many of our financial professionals are military-affiliated and channel their vast life experiences to help clients see the big picture of their financial situation.

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What We Do

Supporting the need for service delivery at locations in both the U.S. and overseas is a logistical challenge Zeiders solved by building a network of financial professionals with experience, current credentials, and military cultural training.

Our personal financial management solutions are centered on one-on-one financial counseling with professionals evaluating financial circumstances, setting and meeting goals, and providing the skills and strategies to meet obligations and maintain financial readiness. Financial literacy education ensures a common set of knowledge, skills, and behavior standards consistent for all service members.

Our expertise is available through face-to-face counseling, individual and group coaching, and classroom style presentations. We are skilled with virtual service delivery including telephonic counseling and secured video teleconferencing. Our staff understands the communities we serve and adapts our services to the scale needed for maximum effectiveness.

Our Counselors and Consultants

Zeiders professionals provide education and counseling virtually and in person working with military and veteran communities to help individuals and families to manage their money, resolve problems, and reach long-term financial goals.

Our network of credentialed professionals are ready to meet full-time staffing requirements and provide service delivery for short-term, temporary, or long-term assignments.

Among the long list of credentials and designations our professionals hold, all financial counselors are credentialed as either an AFC®, ChFC®, or CFP®. Many of our financial counselors are military affiliated and bring their vast life experiences to bear in helping clients see the big picture of their financial situation.

Military Focused Services

We understand individual financial readiness directly effects the service member’s social, emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being. Zeiders provides no cost financial counseling services upon request to service members and their families during the complete military lifecycle.

Our financial education and counseling to service members and families includes major career and life events such as pre-deployment financial preparation activities, military to civilian transition, and reintegration financial services. Zeiders’ certified financial professionals have direct knowledge of DOD, Federal Government, and local resources available to service members and their families to address their specific needs.

We are adept at assessing the financial readiness of service members and the impact of financial issues on readiness, resiliency, and retention, and to identify and address necessary training needs.

Program management experience skills honed over decades of strategic support to the Department of Defense ensure effective implementation of objectives with a critical eye on mission success.

Working as a Military Financial Counselor

As a privately held, veteran-owned government contractor, our mission is enhancing the lives of individuals and families and strengthening organizations by delivering quality of life programs that make a difference. Financial Counselors provide counseling and education to the military community as financial experts delivering financial solutions that enhance people’s lives every day:

      • Helping service members achieve financial stability by creating personalized budgets and financial plans to reduce, eliminate, and avoid financial distress.
      • Delivering education and counseling on money management techniques.
      • Identifying immediate and long-range measures to increase income, reduce expenses, and avoid financial burdens.

Financial professionals may work with clients in-person or virtually based on the requirements of our customer to best meet the needs of service members.

Solutions that Improve Financial Health and Well-Being

We are unmatched in developing and implementing financial counseling services that support financial resiliency and address individual challenges across the military lifecycle.

Zeiders offers:

A global footprint that supports the military community wherever they are, virtually or in-person.

Military-focused, industry leading financial counselor training and orientation.

Flexible and responsive financial professionals that adhere to the client’s schedule and timeline.

Over 40 years of experience maintaining a worldwide, credentialed, network of professionals.

Proven operations, workforce management, quality assurance planning, and reporting.

Retirement and Financial Education Solutions for the DOD

The Department of Defense Office of Financial Readiness turned to Zeiders to provide education, counseling expertise, military cultural competency, and a responsive and agile network of certified providers that could support the roll-out of the Military Blended Retirement System.

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Let’s Talk

Zeiders has been developing and implementing financial counseling services that support financial readiness for more than four decades. Let’s talk about how we can help you.

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