How We Work

We are proud of our people, the talented group of professionals who set their expertise on creating solutions to make a difference.

With a passion for service and commitment to solving issues, our people are essential partners with our customers, providing services to clients in their communities. They choose to work here because they want a career that makes a difference.

Zeiders’ employees work in many ways to share their knowledge, reaching our clients where they are and through the best means possible to achieve successful results.

  • Zeiders' team includes teleworkers, providing services through contact centers, video, and web-based services worldwide.

  • Our people provide face-to-face coaching, counseling, and education at customer locations and military installations worldwide through full-time staffing and short-term surge rotations.

  • Zeiders invests in technical solutions, support, and an online corporate university to set up our workforce for ultimate success.

  • A core value at every level of employment with Zeiders is our commitment to each team member’s success in both their personal and professional life.

  • We encourage and recognize each other through collaboration and teamwork and celebrate the success of our team as we deliver service excellence.

  • At Zeiders, we recognize that our success is based on our employees’ dedication to excellence, and we celebrate and support that dedication.

Top 3 things Zeiders does well according to our employee survey:

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Stay true to our Core Values, Cultural Norms, and Mission

5 business men and women, sitting around table in office, discussing and smiling during meeting, conversation lead by businesswomen holding notes

Communicate with our team members

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Provide employee training opportunities

How Zeiders Supports Our Global Staff

Zeider's Employee

“I was looking to work for a company with a great mission and I found it in Zeiders. It is truly rewarding to be part of a team, whose main focus is to enhance the quality of life of service members and their families. Teamwork is celebrated here like no other company I have worked before and that is one of the many values that create such a great culture.”

Vanessa F.

Giving Back to our Military Community

With “delivering service excellence” as one of our Zeiders’ Core Values, it is no surprise that our people also choose to individually support the Military community we serve as a company. Through our annual Holiday Gift program, our altruistically-minded employees celebrate the holiday season by donating their gifts in financial support of non-profit organizations whose mission is also focused on our Service members, Veterans, and their families. Over the years, charitable donations have been provided to the Fisher House Foundation, Military Child Education Coalition, National Military Family Association, Quality of Life Foundation, United Services Organization, and United Through Reading.

Mike Zeiders, Founder and Chairman of Zeiders Enterprises, started the Holiday Gift program as a way for the organization and its employees to share in supporting the Military community.

Zeiders is focused on finding ways to directly make a difference in the quality of life of our military families. We sincerely appreciate the fact that our employees have that same commitment in their personal lives as well.

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Military Child Education Coalition emblem
National Military Family Association logo
Wounded Veteran Family Care logo
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96% of our people would recommend working with Zeiders to a friend!

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As a company, we believe that good people provide quality service. Just like our people, our support goes above and beyond the basic company benefits to keep you motivated, engaged, and inspired.

  • Developing you: We invest in our team with personal and professional development opportunities with in-person and online development. Grow with us.
  • Celebrating you: We provide opportunities designed to encourage engagement, such as Purple-Up Day, costume contests, picnics, potlucks and pie contests to name a few. Connect with co-workers, share your life moments, and just breathe.
  • Motivating you: We acknowledge teamwork and encourage collaboration with team events, corporate events, achievement grants, and on-the spot-awards. Live your passion.

Nearly two-thirds of Zeiders Managers have been promoted from within the organization.

Ready to Join Us?

At Zeiders, we strive to grow, achieve, and fulfill our personal, family, and professional responsibilities. We are proud to serve all active duty, Reserves, Veterans, Spouses and Government employees with services provided stateside, overseas, and underway. We want you to be part of our team.

Join a team ready to make an impact on individuals and families and empower people for a better quality of life.