Military and Family Support

Family Support. Military Strength.

Strengthening Resiliency and Enhancing Quality of Life Throughout the Military Lifecycle

Zeiders’ people-centric mindset on the essential elements of the military lifestyle fosters strong partnerships and personal success for individuals, families, and commands.

Our approach to military and family support improves the quality of life at each stage of a service member’s military lifecycle and includes:

  • Global staffing for in-person services, consultations, and education at military installations and other worldwide locations
  • Webinar hosting, production, and facilitation enhances access and availability to expand education, training, and learning opportunities
  • Virtual delivery of consultations, coaching, and counseling, focusing on military lifecycle support needs
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Programs that assist commands in achieving operational readiness by maximizing the well-being of military personnel and their families.

We focus on providing educational and support programs and services to maintain deployment and mission readiness, preparing service and family members to anticipate, understand, and cope with the unique demands of the military lifestyle.

Collaborating with command leadership and government program managers, we identify needs and tailor programs to a variety of different audiences supporting service and family member readiness and life skills education:

  • Clinical counseling and advocacy
  • Sexual assault awareness and prevention
  • Suicide prevention
  • Crisis support
  • Deployment support
  • Ombudsman training and support
  • Reintegration training
  • Stress and anger management
  • Relocation assistance
  • Transition assistance
  • Career coaching and counseling
  • New parent support
  • Financial education and counseling
  • Consumer awareness
  • Emergency response
  • Case Management
What We Do

We deliver mission-essential, military family readiness services to individual service members and military family members located at  installations worldwide through:

  • In-person direct consultation, counseling, and education in individual, family, or group settings
  • Virtual counseling services to individuals and families
  • Web based training for individuals or groups through webinars and on-demand learning

Our expertise encompasses the distinctive aspects of military life including deployments, frequent relocations, transitioning in and out of the service, lack of local family support, and operational stressors. We provide a wide range of direct services,human services organization expertise, and support that helps build resilient individuals and families, resulting in increased mission readiness, an enhanced quality of life, and increased service retention.

Our services blend tested methodologies and innovative concepts to develop personal resilience and manage the unique challenges of military life. We ensure the experiences associated with deployment, mobile lifestyles, and other aspects of military service are an integral part of all support services.

Our team focuses on supporting our clients, government customers, and each other. Proactive outreach assists in increasing support services to individuals and families and providing varied educational programs to achieve and maintain operational readiness and create overall command and community wellbeing.

Counseling and Advocacy

Clinical Services: Counseling and advocacy are core family readiness support programs and include awareness and prevention education. Fully trained and licensed staff provide care onsite or virtually.

Professional expertise, combined with an in-depth understanding of the unique experiences of the military community, helps individuals build resiliency and navigate a full range of mental health challenges. Our scope of care includes:

  • Sexual assault awareness and prevention
  • Family Advocacy
  • Suicide prevention
  • Adjustment disorders
  • Reintegration
  • Domestic and child abuse prevention and intervention
  • Mental health coaching
  • Crisis support/Psychological First Aid

Our counselors also support military-specific, non-medical counseling for a variety of issues including successful relationships, military transitions, operational stressors, child behavioral issues, and quality-of-life challenges specific to military life.

Clinical Case Management:  Licensed professionals provide case management services, often as military support counselors. We walk the client’s journey with them, serving as a safety net for those at risk.

We collaborate with commanders, behavioral health providers, and other stakeholders to assist clients in developing and integrating an ongoing plan. Continuous client connection delivers ongoing risk assessments and coordination of care.

Our case management services ensure that all work meets security requirements, retention time frames, compliance with documentation protocols, and command support and coordination, as appropriate.

Life Skills Education

Zeiders provides direct service delivery, staffing support, and professional expertise to help military service members and their families manage the unique characteristics, benefits, and challenges of life in the military. We focus on building resilient service members and families with a healthy work-life balance and reduced operational stress through preventative education and training services.

Our professionals develop and deliver a wide variety of work and life educational services and support to thousands of service members, Veterans, and families worldwide through education and training seminars and one-on-one counseling.

Zeiders also helps military personnel transition to the private sector.  We support military spouses and teens entering or reentering the workforce through integrated career services, including resume and interview preparation, job search, and career counseling.

We emphasize core family readiness programs that directly support operational requirements and prepare service and family members to understand and navigate the physical, emotional, and interpersonal demands associated with deployment and the mobile military lifestyle.

Core military and family support programs include:

  • Career readiness
  • Communications
  • Deployment
  • Personal financial management
  • Relocation
  • Transition from military to civilian life
Training & Webinars

Our global footprint that supports the military community wherever they are, virtually or in-person.

We provide a wide range of training delivery options to meet learners where they are, expand reach, and serve more users around the globe. From self-paced training, videos, and microlearning available 24/7/365 to live instructor-led training and webinars, our training professionals specialize in engaging with learners.

We design effective, interactive learning in all modalities; traditional classrooms, synchronous online learning, asynchronous eLearning, microlearning, digital job aids, communities of practice, and videos.

Our team develops and delivers webinars and on-demand learning support though a dedicated Learning Management System (LMS) used by active-duty service members, families, ombudsmen, and government and contract staff.

Learning and Development Products

Our team’s efforts support commands, service members, Veterans, and their families, delivering services and training for their personal and professional lives.

We provide thought leadership to our customers with a specific focus on adult learning principles, user experience, and topical subject matter expertise.

As the supplier of learning and development programs, we work together with our customers to develop on-demand e-learning courses, program management and commander guides, train-the-trainer programs, video podcasts, communication products, and webinars.

Military Cultural Competency

Our comprehensive training program focuses on military cultural competency and ensures that all service providers are equipped with knowledge of military demographics and lifestyle. Our professionals are trained to understand each branch of service, the Guard and Reserve components, and the needs of our Veteran community. We build on this cultural knowledge to create the trusting relationship critical for success.

More than 65% of Zeiders employees have first-hand connections with the military community, many as Veterans and military spouses, which offer an unparalleled understanding of the unique challenges associated with military service for the individual service members and their families.

Zeiders Professional Development:

Ongoing training and professional development ensures staff responsible for service delivery are up-to-date on the latest data, techniques and best practices.

Comprehensive staff portals include all components necessary for job success: onboarding, resources, guidance, best practices, professional development, and forums to connect with geographically dispersed peers.

Over 40 years of experience equipping, training, and maintaining a worldwide network of professionals.

Military and Family Support Services for the US Navy

Commander Naval Installations Command (CNIC) has turned to Zeiders for more than 25 years to support the Navy Fleet and Family Support Program (FFSP). We provide a wide range of services across all quality-of-life program areas, along with management, and administrative support at over 63 Fleet and Family Support Centers (FFSCs) worldwide.

We augment FFSC staff with direct, on-location, in-person and virtual services, staff training, and webinar hosting, production, and facilitation focused on helping Sailors and their families to achieve and maintain operational readiness and enhancing the individual, community, and command quality of life. FFSP customer contacts through these military and family support services typically numbers over 4,000,000 a year across all program areas.

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