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Innovative Learning and Development Support for the Military Community

Zeiders’ professional learning and development team employs strategy and technology that changes the way our customers approach training and course development.

Our team includes certified professionals in learning and performance, developers, user experience experts, and instructional designers who welcome new perspectives and fresh approaches to designing and delivering courses that empower users to transform and thrive.

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Professional Expertise Matters 

With a passion for the mission, our people combine their technical expertise in innovative ways, solving learning design challenges with bright ideas and incorporating technology with a human touch that brings training to another level. Professional staff complete advanced coursework in skill-based support areas, ensuring that best practices and emerging theories are continually incorporated. 

Zeiders provides our customers with the expertise of:

  • Certified Professionals in Learning & Performance (CPLP)
  • Certifications from the Association for Talent Development (ATD) include:
      • Instructional Systems Design
      • Coaching
      • E-Learning

 Instructional System Design Services

Our instructional designers incorporate the latest research in neuroscience and learning principles to develop training that not only meets the learning objectives, but fuels learner engagement and elevates performance.

Design and Development

Course design and development considers audience needs and preferences, adult learning principles, and multi-generational factors to create a modular approach to learning content that ensures retention and can be applied immediately.

We design effective interactive learning in all modalities, including traditional classroom, synchronous online learning, asynchronous eLearning, microlearning, digital job aids, and video development in support of learning.

From desktop learning to instructor-based curriculum options, we provide impactful and responsive instructional design following ADDIE (Analysis, Design, Develop, Implement, & Evaluate) and Agile models of development, including user-centered design and forward-focused software and technology capabilities.

Courseware is designed for deployment on a wide array of platforms, such as Moodle-based or other LMS platforms, as well as web delivery.

Our approach to accessibility and security incorporates industry standards and is fully compliant to meet policies and laws, including Section 508 of the American Disabilities Act, WC3 accessibility standards, and cyber safeguarding.

Webinar Hosting and Production Services

We design effective, interactive learning in all modalities; traditional classrooms, synchronous online learning, asynchronous eLearning, microlearning, digital job aids, communities of practice, and videos.

Our wide range of training delivery options meets learners where they are, expands reach, and serves more users around the globe. We host and deliver a variety of training methods including videos, self-paced e-learning courses,  live facilitator led webinars, and a host of learning pathways and forums.

Training Delivery

We provide a wide range of training delivery options to meet learners where they are and ensure critical training is supported throughout the lifecycle of each employee.

From self-paced training, videos and micro-learning that can be taken 24/7/365 via our Learning Management Systems to live instructor-led training and webinars, our training professionals specialize in engaging with learners, not talking at them.

Our promise of global delivery means any type of learner, anywhere on earth. Our learning and development team collaborates with our customers and offers diverse and modern solutions for training strategies. We leverage engagement tools and adult learning principles to bring your team the best learning experience for the desired outcome.

Technical Support

We provide our customers background support for online learning. While they facilitate live instructor led trainings, we take care of the technical support to include platform and audio setup and material support. This allows the customer to focus on facilitation. Once the training is complete, we provide tracking and reports as well as follow up with learners.

We can provide a hybrid approach where a customer is in a face-to-face classroom facilitating an event for in person learners, or an online classroom open where the content is loaded and a web cam on. This enables remote learners to benefit from a training that could not physically travel to receive.

Whether delivered in-person on-site, facilitated live, or through remote connectivity, Zeiders provides our customers the ability to host, produce and facilitate group training and webinars using a Zeiders or customer provided platform.

Training Compliance

We meet the requirements of our customers and apply rigorous standards to ensure compliance. From DoD standards to unique program required training, we develop training solutions to ensure success.

Our LMS capabilities provides robust data reporting capabilities to track training usage, maintain training records for learners, and evaluate detailed analytics data.

Tracking of onboarding, required training, and industry compliance contribute to the continual improvement of a dynamic training program for our customers.

Graphic Design

Our instructional design incorporates the critical visual elements that enhance learner engagement and retention.

To mitigate cognitive load and make content more easily digestible for more visually oriented learners, content is represented with fewer words in a visually appealing format like infographics, diagrams, charts, and graphs.

Learning Management System

Our Learning Management System (LMS) hosts and delivers a variety of types of training including: videos, e-learning courses, live facilitator led webinars, and a host of learning pathways and forums.

Staff are supported worldwide through an easily accessible platform from any modern browser on any device.  Our LMS is available to learners 24/7/365 regardless of their geographic location with help desk support and a single sign-on access point.

Our LMS tracks training and issues certificates of completion, ensuring compliance at multiple levels.  Whether it be onboarding, completing a defined learning path or personalized improvement plan, supervisors and managers finds this extremely beneficial in developing teams.

Services that Improve Education Outcomes

Combining expertise and capabilities, our instructional design experts build training programs that engage and educate learners and achieve customers’ goals.

Zeiders Offers:

Learning Management System: A flexible, customizable platform with technological expertise that supports a global learner base.

Training Space: A user-friendly online platform connects learners via audio and an online classroom with robust training tools.

Virtual Events: Coordination, planning, and logistics for cost-effective events include conferences, hiring fairs and learning events.

Instructional Systems Design: Development of engaging content with specific learning objectives results in knowledge retention and behavior change.

Desk Guides and Program Materials: Provide staff with tools and resources to maximize performance.

Customer Mission Objectives:  Proven operations, workforce management, quality assurance planning, and reporting support successful operations.

Our Learning and Development Services Include:

  • Curriculum, Interactive eLearning Courseware, and Specialized Training
  • Face-to-face and online training delivery
  • Instructor Guides, Program Manuals and Desk Guides
  • Onboarding training solutions
  • Specialized Communication Products, Newsletters, and Annual Reports
  • Graphic Design and Layout
  • Learning Management System Hosting
  • Virtual Events
  • Webinar Hosting and Production Services
  • Data Analysis and Synthesis into easy to understand visual format
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Learning and Development Solutions for the Navy

For over 20 years, the Department of the Navy has turned to Zeiders for the design and implementation of learning and development services for the Fleet and Family Support Program areas. These services support service members, their families, and operational commands at worldwide delivery sites.

Our easily accessible, 24/7/365, learner-focused training solution supported over 36,000 learners, delivered over 1,000 webinars and provided nearly 17,000 hours of virtual training for this community in a single year.

In addition, our curriculum and design expertise has been called upon for numerous Navy projects, including a comprehensive solution of products for the Navy Ombudsman program. This featured a program desk guide, on-demand eLearning, and multiple-module training with instructor guides and student handbooks. It also featured a blended learning solution for electronic training with both facilitator-led webinars and on-demand eLearning modules.

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