How We Deliver

Strategic services in government contracting

Zeiders brings innovation, subject matter expertise, and superior customer service to every engagement. Our service delivery solutions are based on proven methodologies that achieve measurable outcomes for our customers. We use multiple delivery methods and innovative technologies to reach and support our clients quickly and efficiently.

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Contact Centers

We design flexible and adaptable services, tools, and delivery approaches to meet the evolving needs of our customers “where they are.” Physical and virtual centers on Government systems and Zeiders’ technical delivery platform support dynamic program requirements and global operations.

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Coaching and Counseling

Our counseling and coaching approach is based on the development of a well-defined client relationship across multiple disciplines with the ability to meet individualized client needs through long-term strategies that result in a better quality of life.

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Education and Training

Our tailored approach to design on multiple interactive platforms increases audience engagement and provides real-time availability. We incorporate interactivity and collaboration to maximize adult learning principles and best practices, from in-person delivery to the virtual e-learning experience.

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Global Staffing Solution

We have a track record of providing global staffing services to Military communities through an efficient and effective staffing and service delivery model that recruits and retains qualified individuals. We staff professionals who are agile and responsive in their methods of delivering specialized services worldwide.

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Mobile Training

Our worldwide footprint enables ongoing support and rapid response to surge and just-in-time deployments for responsive support across diverse labor categories and over geographically dispersed regions. Professional and credentialed staff maintain the personal approach that end-user clients need to achieve mission success.

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Case Management

Our ability to provide continuity of services stems from engagement with our staff coupled with a robust case management and documentation approach. We meet secure environment requirements, retention time frames, and customer access needs for documentation compliance, allowing for maximum customer responsiveness.

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