Social Workers Month


Colored hands holding one another- Happy National Social Work Month- March.

National Social Worker’s Month is celebrated in March! This is the perfect time to highlight and celebrate these incredible professionals who help individuals and families find solutions.

There are more than 708,000 social work jobs across the country, making it one of the fastest-growing jobs in the US.

Social Workers confront some of the most challenging situations that individuals, families, communities, and society face. Some everyday tasks they are responsible for are counseling trauma victims, finding people safe environments to live in, and frequently monitoring their clients to assess their progress.

Social workers and other Behavioral Health Professionals in our Zeiders family aim to bring positive change to the lives of Service members, Veterans, and their families. Zeiders recognizes the valuable services they provide daily and extend our gratitude to our licensed clinical care professionals who provide services to those impacted by the challenges of military life.

Thank you, Social Workers, for your contributions, which are essential for our community’s well-being. We honor you today and every day.