National Poppy Day

Black and white image of poppies with the red showing through. Remembrance Day.May 28th is National Poppy Day!

Following the end of World War 1, the Red Poppy began to flourish in Europe. After countless battles, there was tons of lime from the rubble left behind on the soil in France and Belgium. This enriched the soil heavily, thus resulting in the blossoming of the beautiful red poppy. The Red Poppy soon symbolized the blood shed during the war.

The American Legion officially adopted the flower in 1920 with intentions of memorializing all the soldiers who fought and whose lives were lost during the war. Today the flower still serves as a reminder of all the sacrifices made by veterans while protecting our freedoms. Every May 28 millions wear a red poppy to honor the fallen and support the living who have worn our nation’s uniform.

Zeiders honors those who have fallen in the name of liberty, freedom, and democracy and supports the future of those who continue to wear our nation’s uniform.