Military Spouse Appreciation Day!

American flag in heart shape. Military Spouse Appreciation Day. Happy Military Spouse Appreciation Day!

While we appreciate and celebrate our Military Spouses daily, today is a special day to pause and honor them! In 1984, President Ronald Reagan established the first official Service Spouse Day to honor the value of a spouse’s dedication to a military member’s readiness and well-being. Every year on the Friday before Mother’s Day, Military Spouse Appreciation Day is observed to honor and celebrate the many sacrifices made by military spouses.

Military spouses are heroes who constantly make sacrifices to assist and strengthen our troops. They are the family’s backbone and are critical to the military community’s strength. Many spouses get their soldiers through mental health setbacks caused by being in combat, all while working full time jobs and raising their families.

Zeiders knows the challenges and uncertainty that military spouses face daily. We are grateful for their courage, perseverance, and support! Military spouses make up 40% of Zeiders’ workforce. Thank you for your service, military spouses!

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