Holiday Stress Awareness

Woman looking stressed with holiday decorations around herIt is vital to take time to boost your general mental wellbeing before the holiday season begins. The holiday season is a happy time for most people. However, for some people, the increased obligations might be daunting.

The Top Holiday Stressors Include:

  • Family and Social Pressures
  • Unreasonable Expectations
  • Dietary Concerns and Maintenance, Exercise, and Sleep Routines
  • Feelings of Sadness, Loneliness, and Loss
  • Cooking and Cleaning

If you find yourself overwhelmed; stop and reevaluate. Ask yourself – is this really necessary? Your own expectations may be the very things that bring on your holiday stress. Try using these tips to help prevent holiday stress:

  • Ask people what they want instead of scouring the Earth to find the “perfect” gift.
  • Don’t over-schedule yourself. Allow enough time to relax and recover after visiting with others.
  • Avoid starving yourself in anticipation of eating at holiday parties. This approach can lead to eating too much of the wrong food.
  • Set priorities and let go of impossible goals.
  • Rest when your body tells you to do so.

While holiday stress is seasonal, depression can strike at any time. Talk to your doctor or a counselor if your holiday anxiety is extreme or interferes with your employment or home life.

Through educational programs and counseling for personal stress and operational stress, Zeiders is proud to assist Service members and their families in dealing more successfully with stress.