Celebrating the National Guard

Join us in celebrating the United States National Guards birthday on December 13th!

Multiple Guardsmen in uniform standing in ‘V’ formation. “Happy Birthday National Guard” written in white text at the bottom of the image. The National Guard official logo above text.

Dating back to 1636, an order was issued requiring all able-bodied men between 16 and 60 years old to create a standing Army for protection. The idea was to establish an Army of citizen-soldiers who could be called upon to fight when needed.

The National Guard has been a pillar of support for the Armed Forces as well as an active protector on our home soil. They stand ready to respond to crises on both the state and national level, deploying at home or abroad in response to natural disasters, manmade crises, and during national emergencies.

Zeiders celebrates the dedication of our country’s National Guard and their efforts to keep the nation safe and provide support in times of crisis. On this day, we honor and thank the men and women who give their time and effort in preparation for when we need their services, and who commit to being Always Ready, Always There.

Happy Birthday to the National Guard!