Background Investigation Basics

What to expect during the background investigation process.

As a government contractor, Zeiders requires all candidates we intend to hire to complete a background investigation. This is a common requirement for anyone interested in working in any type of government position or with a government contractor.

What is a background investigation?

Zeiders background investigation gathers information on an applicant’s employment, criminal, and additional history that is appropriate for the position. This can include but is not limited to a criminal history check, credit check, employment verification, and DMV records.

Candidates who are selected to move forward after the interview process must agree to the background check and submit their information to our third-party vendor prior to receiving a verbal offer.

All background investigation flags are reviewed on a case-by-case basis. You are welcome to apply for future opportunities once you resolve any flags from your background investigation.

Certain positions may require a government security check. If the positions to which you applied requires this additional process, we will send you specific details once you have signed an offer.

      • How long does a background investigation take?

We encourage you to submit your information within 1-2 days upon receiving your background investigation initiation email. This ensures that you will move as quickly as possible through the process.

What is a professional reference check?

Professional reference checks are mandatory during the Zeiders background investigation phase. We want you to move through this step as quickly as possible and encourage you to respond within 24 hours to this request.  As a part of this check, you will be asked to input your references’ email addresses, names, titles, and professional relationship to you.  At least two of your references must be a supervisor.  Your references will be asked to respond as individuals, not as a representative of their organization.

      • What will my references receive?

Your references will receive an email from our third-party site, providing a link and instructions on how to enter their reference. Your references will need to provide a full professional reference following our prompts, not just an employment verification. Your references will fill out their references directly – a candidate cannot fill these out on behalf of their references.

If you provide a reference that use a military or government email addresses, they may not deliver properly from our third-party system. We encourage you to use the personal email addresses for any references with a .mil or .gov email address.

      • How should I pick my references?

You will need to submit at least two professional references from a manager/supervisory level or above, and the remaining references can come from current or former coworkers, or clients. For recent graduates, professors and instructors can qualify as a supervisory reference. It is best to work your way backwards in your employment history starting with the most recent and pick people who are likely to respond promptly and who can speak to your professional accomplishments.

What is an employment verification?

An employment verification confirms your past work history. As part of our background investigation, you will be asked for your most recent seven years of verifiable employment or last four employers. You must provide employers that we may contact to meet this requirement.

Zeiders participates in the E-Verify Employment Verification Program.

      • What is my previous employer was the Military?

If you are listing the Military as a previous employer, please list the specific branch of service.

      • What if I was self-employed?

We are happy to include your self-employed status. You will need to provide either a 1099 or other business related tax documentation.  Alternatively, you can provide employment dates on your business letterhead.

Do I need a government security check?

Many of Zeiders’ roles support work within government and military agencies. We help facilitate the process based on contractual relationships with our government clients. Whether you will need a security check depends on the agency you would support and the position’s requirements. If a government security check is required, you will be notified of this detail during the recruiting process.

Government security checks are important for our mission for those needing access to a military installation or systems.  This check must be completed prior to starting a position.

What is Zeiders drug policy?

Zeiders follows all federal guidelines relating to drug usage.  Zeiders employees are required to remain drug-free and refrain from federally prohibited drug use whether on- or off-duty, regardless of state law. Usage is a disqualifying activity for hiring purposes.

What positions require Credentialing and Privileging?

Any positions that include a professional licensure may be required to complete the Credentialing and Privileging Process. Your recruiter will provide specific details on this requirement based on the position to which you applied. This process must be completed prior to receiving a written offer letter.

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