US Navy Birthday!

U.S. Navy Birthday FactsHappy 244th Birthday to the United States Navy!  The Navy was originally commissioned as the Continental Navy in 1775, with two armed vessels to seek out and destroy British munition ships. The Navy’s presence was officially solidified in 1789, when the Constitution of the United States was ratified, empowering Congress to “provide and maintain a navy.”

Since then, the U.S. Navy has grown to be one of the major global forces for good in the world, protecting our country and assisting others through sea, land, air, and space support. Zeiders thanks the men and women who serve as a global force for good to protect and defend our country.

Hundreds of Zeiders employees have an affiliation with the Navy as a veteran, spouse, child, or parent! Zeiders is proud of our heritage and inspired by our shared values of honor, courage, and commitment in all we do.