Today is the Marine Corps Birthday!

USMC Birthday logo

November 10 marks the 243rd Birthday to the United States Marine Corps!

The Marine Corps can trace its origins to the U.S. Continental Marines, formed on November 10, 1775 to serve in the Revolutionary War. Since that day, many men and women have dedicated their lives to serving our country as members of the Marine Corps.

As the nation’s amphibious warfare force, the Marine Corps is a crucial component of the United States military, operating on land, air, and sea. The Marines’ ability to rapidly mobilize a versatile task force anywhere in the world is indispensable to U.S. defense efforts on a global scale.

Zeiders joins in the celebration of our nation’s Marines and honors the men and women who protect our country. This day is a time not only to celebrate past victories, but also to honor the Marines who helped achieve those victories and cannot be here to celebrate them with us today.

Many Zeiders’ employees have an affiliation with the Marine Corps as a veteran, spouse, adult child, or parent. Zeiders offers our thanks to all service members in the U.S. Marine Corps, as well as to the family members who support and stand with them.

Happy Birthday Marine Corps! SEMPER FI!