It’s Social Worker’s Month!

March is National Social Worker’s Month! National Professional Social Work Month is an opportunity for us to highlight the efforts and dedication of social workers throughout the country. Social workers work with countless clients every day, and the compassion and empathy they display in making this invaluable contribution to society cannot be understated. We greatly appreciate the social workers who help those in need, including people experiencing devastating illnesses or mental health crises, and our military personnel, Veterans, children, families and communities.

Today, there are over 650,000 social workers serving millions of clients. Social workers work with the disadvantaged to ensure they get support and care while on the road to recovery or finding their feet again. On top of this, they work with national, state and local governments to create and pass legislation to stand with and help the most vulnerable.

Social workers, alongside other behavioral health professionals in our Zeiders family, aim to bring positive change to the lives of Service members, Veterans, and their families. Zeiders recognizes the daily contributions of this group who provide valuable services to those impacted by the challenges of military life. We thank them and all social workers for dedicating their energies and careers toward the care of our nation’s vulnerable communities.