Holiday Stress Awareness

The holiday season is generally an incredibly happy time for families because they get to spend time together and celebrate their love for one another. Something that often gets lost in the excitement of upcoming holidays is the stress that comes with it.

The Top Holiday Stressors Include:Woman looking stressed with holiday decorations around her.

  • Family and Social Pressures
  • Cooking and Cleaning
  • Feelings of Sadness, Loneliness, and Loss
  • Unreasonable Expectations
  • Dietary Concerns, Exercise, and Sleep Routines

If you find yourself overwhelmed, stop, and ask yourself if what you’re doing is necessary. Your own expectations may be adding to your stress around the holiday season. Remember to go easy on yourself and give yourself grace in these trying times. Some tips to help you prevent stress include asking people want they want instead of stressing over finding a perfect gift, not overscheduling yourself, taking time to relax, and not going too hard on yourself about dieting.

Although Holiday stress is seasonal, depression can be year-round. Talk to your doctor or a counselor if your holiday anxiety is extreme or interferes with your everyday life. Through educational programs and counseling for personal and operational stress, Zeiders is proud to assist Service members and their families in dealing with stress.