Happy Birthday United States Army!

Soldiers sitting in a helicopter as one soldier is sliding down a rope tied to the helicopter. “Did you know” fact column on the right side of the image.Today, we celebrate the 246th birthday of the Army by thanking the men and women who tirelessly defend our country. Founded in 1775 by the Seconded Continental Congress, the United States Army is the oldest service in the US military. It was originally formed to protect the freedom of the first 13 colonies, the Army has evolved and grown from this small militia force into the world’s premier fighting force.

Happy Birthday to those who celebrate this day serving in the Army, Army National Guard or Army Reserve; as a veteran; a parent; a spouse; or child of a soldier. Zeiders joins in celebrating the American Soldier who is Always Ready, Always Leading. On this day, Zeiders sends a special message to our employees who have a first-hand connection to the Army and take pride in their military heritage and service.  Thank you for all you do!

Happy Birthday and GO ARMY!