Happy Birthday to the National Guard

Happy 382nd Birthday to the National Guard of the United States!

National Guard Birthday Image

The first official colony-wide militia in North America was created in Massachusetts on December 13, 1636. Over the years this force would grow and evolve into the National Guard as we know it today, several units of which can be traced back to that first militia organized in 1636!

The National Guard stands ready to respond to crises on both the state and national level, deploying at home or abroad in response to natural disasters, man-made crises, and during national emergencies.

Today, Zeiders celebrates the dedication of our country’s National Guard and their efforts to keep the nation safe and provide support in times of crisis. On this day we honor the men and women who give their time and effort in preparation for when we need their services, and who commit to being Always Ready, Always There.

Zeiders offers our thanks to all the men and women who are ready to put their lives on hold when they are needed by state or country, as well as to the family members who make that sacrifice alongside them.

Happy Birthday to the National Guard!