Happy 242nd Birthday to the Marine Corps!

Marine Corps birthday imageHappy 242nd Birthday to the United States Marine Corps! Since November 10, 1775 many men and women have dedicated their lives to serving as Marines and protecting our country. This is a day of celebration for all that the Marine Corps has accomplished and for those that have shed blood, sweat, and tears in order to provide peace and security to our country. This day is also a time to reflect and remember not only all of the victories, but also the Marines who helped achieve those victories that are unfortunately not here to celebrate with us today. Unlike any of the other branches, Marines, also known as the soldiers of the sea, operate on land, air, and sea. It is their tactical nature that has allowed them to prevail through some of the toughest circumstances both on and off of the battlefield.

Today, Zeiders joins in the celebration of our nation’s Marines by thanking the men and women who serve to protect and defend our country on water and land. Many Zeiders’ employees have an affiliation with the Marine Corps as a veteran, spouse, adult child or parent. Zeiders extends our gratitude to all those who serve in the United States Marine Corps and to the dedicated and loving families who serve with them.

Happy Birthday Marine Corps! SEMPER FI