Financial Wellness Month


Stacks of coins with little sprouts growing out of them.

January is Financial Wellness Month! With the New Year, being fresh this is the best time to set a new goal of focusing on the importance of saving and being financially safe! After the expenses of the holiday season, it is time to slow down and prepare finances for the new year.

The knowledge and use of diverse financial abilities is referred to as financial literacy. Creating a budget, understanding credit, and preparing for retirement are just a few examples. Understanding different financial products, such as stocks, bonds, and Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs), as well as formulating an investment plan, are all part of financial literacy.

How to observe financial wellness month:

      1. Create a financial plan
      2. Create a budget
      3. Review your credit reports

Zeiders is pleased to have industry-certified Personal Financial Counselors (PFC) that assist Service Members, Veterans and their families by providing individualized financial counseling that includes assistance with budget development, financial goal setting, debt management, and extended absence financial plans.