Celebrate Military Spouses!

Military Spouses Day Appreciation Heart image

On Military Spouse Appreciation Day, we celebrate military spouses’ contributions to the defense of our nation. America’s military spouses are the silent heroes who sacrifice daily to support and give strength to our Service members. As the backbones of our military families, spouses serve their country alongside their loved ones in the services.

Recognizing the importance of spousal support to the readiness of military Service members, Congress officially made Military Spouse Appreciation Day part of National Military Appreciation Month in 1999. Now, every year the Friday before Mother’s Day is designated as Military Spouse Appreciation Day, a time to recognize and appreciate the many sacrifices of military spouses.

Zeiders understand the difficulties and uncertainties of daily life as a military spouse. We appreciate their strength, resilience, and caring! Over 30% of Zeiders employees are military spouses. Thank you to all military spouses for your service!