Veteran Transition Services

Zeiders provides the expertise needed to help military Service members, spouses and their families manage the unique challenges associated with the transition from military to civilian life. Zeiders has helped military personnel transition to the private sector through results-focused programs that support military policy and meet the emerging needs of the individuals we serve.

Our transition services are comprised of proven methodologies and innovative concepts that support the full scope of the military lifecycle to develop personal resilience and improve quality of life. 20yeartransistion

Zeiders’ Veterans Transition Services Include:

  • Career Planning and Pursuit Skills
  • Command Training on Program Compliance
  • Employment Services
  • Family Employment Services
  • Individual Transition Plan Development
  • Job Fairs
  • Military Separation and Education Benefits
  • Personal Financial Management
  • Relocation Assistance
  • Resume Writing
  • Translation of Military Skills to Civilian Careers
  • Worldwide Information and Referral Resources
  • Wounded Warrior and Family Transition Services

A History of Service

Zeiders has over 20 years of direct experience delivering the Navy’s Transition Assistance Program preparing separating military personnel and their families for the transition to civilian life through individualized counseling, education and assistance.

Veterans Transition Services Delivery

Zeiders helps military personnel transition to the private sector through integrated career services, including resume and interview preparation, job search and career counseling services using:

  • Individualized Counseling
  • Group Workshops
  • Mobile Training Teams (MTTs)
  • Virtual Career Centers

Zeiders transition services extend to developing program curricula and materials, module-based courseware, command leader training, and train-the-trainer workshops supported via on-demand learning, hosted webinars or mobile training team delivery.

A Case for Zeiders

To combat the difficulty Service members face when seeking meaningful employment opportunities after military service, Zeiders worked extensively with the U.S. Navy to implement the Vow to Hire Heroes Act, a program to provide training, resources and skill building activities to transitioning Service members. Working in partnership with the Department of Labor and the Department of Veterans Affairs, this multifaceted “Transition Goals, Plans, Success” program provides pre-separation counseling and transition and employment skill building workshops to ensure preparedness, a successful job search and future career.