Our Solutions

Zeiders provides proven solutions across key focus areas that empower those we serve to achieve a better quality of life. As a human services company, our blended solutions are rooted in a holistic approach. We develop and implement programs designed to enhance individual productivity, strengthen readiness and resilience and address the challenges faced by military Service members, veterans and their families. We have the personnel, resources and agility to scale our solutions to meet the needs of our military customers and their constituencies around the world.

Behavioral Health Services
Zeiders’ behavioral health counseling capabilities encompass a wide array of psycho-educational programs and short-term solution-focused methods designed to address contemporary military, family and veteran life stressors.

Employment and Educational Counseling Services
Zeiders provides integrated career services including resume and interview preparation, job search and career counseling services and develops employer partnerships to assist military affiliated job seekers.

Learning and Professional Development Services
Zeiders offers learning and professional development (L&D) services for human, social service and employee assistance program providers, and for individual and family support training needs.

Military and Family Readiness and Resilience Services
Zeiders offers program support expertise that builds resilient commands, Service members and families, resulting in increased mission readiness, an enhanced mission performance, quality of life and increased retention.

Personal Finance Management Education, Coaching and Counseling Services
Zeiders has the largest network of accredited financial counselors delivering quality personal finance programs to the military community.

Veterans Transition Services
Zeiders offers expertise in employment and career counseling and education services to assist Service members, veterans and military spouses with their transition to the private sector.

Wounded Warrior, Family and Caregiver Support Services
We support Wounded Warriors, veterans, their families and caregivers through multi-disciplinary approaches with extensive experience at both military installations and Service headquarters.

Military Officers Association of America

“Zeiders has been an industry leader for three decades in providing quality of life services to our military members, veterans and their families, and they share the same passion and commitment as does MOAA to do what’s right for those who have sacrificed so much for our nation.”
–Vice Adm. Norbert R. Ryan Jr., USN (Ret), MOAA President and CEO

Our Customers