Mobile Training Teams

zeiders_mobiletrainteam_iconIn a high-tech world, Zeiders’ high-touch approach differentiates our mobile training solutions. Our Mobile Training Teams (MTTs) are designed for rapid and just-in-time deployments. We specialize in engagements that require deployment and support of diverse labor categories over geographically dispersed regions. Zeiders’ MTTs have committed to providing training at any time and place when the command is able to schedule it, including underway.

Instructional Design and Delivery Flexibility
At the start of each MTT engagement, we conduct a needs analysis that includes a review of program content and collaboration with you and your constituents. Based on the analysis, we design the curriculum, develop courseware and deliver the training. Zeiders’ interactive delivery models typically include audience participation and knowledge sharing. This approach creates a deeper understanding of the content, acceptance of the material, peer solution development and opportunities for feedback. Our MTT solutions include thorough after action reporting and recommendations that can be used to optimize training that will be deployed again in the future.

A Case for Zeiders

After observing a critical need to provide reintegration support for Sailors returning from deployment, Zeiders team members supporting the Fleet and Family Support Centers in Norfolk, Virginia created a training program called Return and Reunion (R&R). The program is relevant for all personnel and can be tailored to address the needs of at-risk groups. Since its inception, our MTTs have delivered R&R programs onboard over 400 times over the past 20 years, deploying on ships at sea, on submarines and at land based venues.


Surge Capability and Crisis Response
Zeiders’ MTTs have deployed in response to crises such as shipboard accidents, deaths, suicides, man-made emergencies, natural disasters, terrorist attacks and other traumatic events that affect victims, survivors, witnesses and associates of the victims and survivors. In these situations, it is critical to deliver timely and effective crisis response and psychological first-aid services. Our MTTs assist commanders and supervisors in the proper response to situations and facilitate interventions designed to reduce the initial distress caused by traumatic events, and foster short- and long-term adaptive functioning and coping.

Compressed Schedule Surge Support

Zeiders supported the Navy in the implementation of the Veterans Opportunity to Work to Hire Heroes Act (VOW Act) by deploying 4 MTT’s worldwide to 8 locations over a 40- day period. Our team of experts also provided training in support of the new Transition Goals, Plans, Success curriculum. Zeiders staff developed the training curriculum and implementation approach for this quick response requirement in support of the military to civilian life transition assistance program.


Photo of two civilians in front of a helicopter on an aircraft carrier

MTTs deliver just-in-time training programs on ships,
submarines and land-based venues.

Zeiders has facilitated Operational Stress Control training mandated per NAVADMIN 262/13 via MTTs since 2011, traveling to all fleet concentration areas in the United States and to U.S. Navy units located in Japan, Guam, Bahrain, Italy and Guantanamo Bay. This service delivery capability group also facilitates training to a Joint Forces command, including Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard and DoD Civilians, allowing all services to see more of what they have in common as it relates to the stressors of the military lifestyle.

Making a difference in the lives of Sailors

An example of the impact our ability to deliver support anytime and anywhere via MTTs:
After recounting stories of losing friends, a Service member reveals that not only is this the best training he’s had in his long career, but also that the MTT training provided a healing forum for him. That’s human service support impacting lives and making a difference.