Global Staffing

zeiders_globalstaffing_iconZeiders has a track record of providing global staffing services to military communities. Our experience includes managing contracts of varying complexity and size that require deployment and support of diverse personnel over geographically dispersed locations through an efficient and effective staffing and service delivery model.

Services are available stateside, overseas, pierside or underway with shipboard commands.

A Proven Approach
Zeiders has a documented history of providing cost effective, quality solutions. We staff professionals coast-to-coast and across seven time zones. Our successful approach includes selection and retention of qualified staff, continuity of services and demonstrable cost savings.

Agility and Responsiveness
At Zeiders, we recruit, hire and retain individuals who are agile and responsive in their methods of delivering specialized services worldwide. Zeiders has demonstrated its commitment to military leadership and families during times of crisis including:

  • Supporting establishment of the 9/11 Pentagon Family Assistance Center
  • Providing 24/7 crisis center operations after natural disasters such as Hurricane Katrina, Hurricane Sandy and the San Diego fires
  • Counseling support following the Navy Yard Shooting
  • Information, resources, support and counseling during Repatriations
  • Community support following the Virginia Beach Oceana Jet Crash
  • Counseling and support coordination for families affected by the Japanese tsunami and earthquake
  • Support to commands following individual loss of life incidents to include those resulting from suicides and accidents

We employ skilled, certified and credentialed professionals with deep understanding of the military community and culture, and train them to a high level of functional expertise for delivery of services.

A Case for Zeiders
In support of the U.S. Navy’s Fleet and Family Service Program (FFSP), we:

  • Provided staff at 110 Navy Installations, 9 Joint Bases and OCONUS locations worldwide
  • Earned over 96% satisfaction rating consistently from Government FFSP Technical Assistants (TA) regarding:
    • Quality of contract staff
    • Quality of management and oversight provided by Zeiders