Photo: Cover of the book

“Entrepreneurship, The Art of Succeeding in Business” is a dynamic program geared toward adult or high-school students. This training program helps participants understand the core principles of entrepreneurship and develop a practical business plan that best supports their individual strengths and interests. From an educator’s perspective, the course is exciting because it provides teachers and schools with an opportunity to:

  • Tap into a student’s personal interests
  • Develop academic skills in a practical application scenario
  • Integrate multi-disciplinary skills including reading, writing, math, research and computers
  • Create a clear linkage between school and work

The textbook authored by Mike Zeiders, CEO of Zeiders Enterprises, Inc., is designed to help students develop the vision, discipline and self-sufficiency needed to succeed in a dynamic workplace. The easy-to-use guide on conceptualizing, planning and starting a business will enhance entrepreneurial life skills and assist in integrating personal and business planning goals. The textbook is available at Amazon.com. Click here to order.