In-Person Counseling and Coaching

zeiders_inperson_iconZeiders has an unparalleled record of providing in-person counseling and coaching across multiple disciplines: behavioral health, careers and vocational. The foundation of our services is a global workforce with a deep understanding of the military culture and the impact of service on Service members, veterans and their families. Our counseling and coaching approach is based on the development of a well-defined client relationship and the ability to meet individualized client needs through long-term strategies that result in a better quality of life.

Information and Referral Counseling
During in-person information and referral counseling, we educate clients seeking services or resources for a multitude of day-to-day issues that need to be resolved in order to enable their focus on the military’s goal of command and mission readiness. After hearing the clients’ needs and concerns, we provide actionable directions to navigate available resources and resolve issues quickly.

Proactive Counseling
Zeiders specializes in proactive counseling for those needing one-on-one assistance in dealing with quality of life issues such as relocation, spouse employment, financial management and parenting. We ensure clients have the knowledge and skills needed to successfully plan for an event so that these events do not become complex issues that pull service members and their families away from their day-to-day priorities.

Solution-Focused Counseling
Zeiders staff provides responsive, solution-focused counseling, using their expertise to work with clients on issues that could escalate to a crisis if not managed appropriately. Counseling intervention may relate to mental health, financial concerns, domestic violence, new parent support, career counseling or transition assistance. Solution-focused counseling is typically one-on-one, short-term and integrates a variety of experts to support resolution of the issue.

Crisis Counseling
Crisis counseling is provided in-person with the goal of helping an individual cope with an escalating situation and return to a normal level of functioning. Zeiders has supported individuals experiencing crises such as loss of a loved one through suicide, accident or illness; escalating domestic violence; contemplation of suicide; homelessness; loss of utilities, or any life altering event that leaves one unable to cope.

Through in-person coaching, Zeiders provides expertise to others who provide one-on-one assistance to individuals in the military community. We conduct train-the-trainer sessions to provide other counselors with the technical expertise specific to their functional areas, as well as the skills they need to effectively counsel clients. Part of the coaching process includes helping them to know the limitations of their skill sets and when to seek professional help on behalf of the clients they are assisting. After our training, counselors are able to see beyond the concerns of an individual and work with him or her to develop a plan that targets measurable goals and incremental steps leading toward behavioral change.

Zeiders also coaches directly with clients to help them develop long-term strategies moving toward a better quality of life. This type of in-person service delivery focuses beyond the presenting concern, and targets measurable goals and incremental steps leading toward behavioral change.

A Case for Zeiders
Our record includes providing a wide variety of individual and group counseling sessions on topics such as:

  • Mental health counseling on work related challenge, marital issues or personal events
  • Financial counseling on debt management, credit issues and starting a savings program
  • Domestic violence advocate counseling for victims of low-level domestic violence
  • New parent support home visitation counseling
  • Career counselor on vocational interests, job search strategies, resume writing and educational opportunities
  • Transition assistance counseling on the move from military to civilian life