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Virtual and Physical Call Center Operations
zeiders_callcenters_iconZeiders is intimately aware of the unique challenges facing the military community, and we are committed to offering call center operations which extend the programmatic reach to our Service members, veterans and their families wherever they are located. We design flexible and adaptable services, tools and delivery approaches to meet the evolving needs of our customers “where they are.”

Our approach ensures proper resourcing, managing to customer expectations and creating a replicable approach to managing the needs of the program. The key features of our approach are:

    • Modern delivery model that includes phone, online chat, email, Skype, webinars and a robust web presence for self service and facilitated sessions
    • Scalability to address events that spike call center volume such as school pre-enrollment, large policy changes and other various programmatic factors
    • Variable employment gives Zeiders the ability to employ military spouses with a portable career regardless of location or assignment. We also support highly qualified workers who are unable to commute daily into the business site, such as Wounded Warriors
    • Schedule flexibility allows Zeiders to cover the peaks and valleys of calls throughout the day through flexible hours and shift-splitting. Zeiders can cover evening and weekend hours, which are traditionally difficult to staff, as well as covering time zones with reasonable core staffing shifts
    • Staff retention improves the continuity and quality of services we provide. Quality of life and job satisfaction is increased through employees’ ability to keep their positions as they change locations
    • Disaster recovery capabilities are covered by our ability to work remotely. Staff can assist the contact center in carrying out its work in disaster situations and emergencies, such as flu epidemic, icy roads, floods or power outages, which would otherwise cripple a local area
    • Record keeping and reporting with access to dashboards including services provided, costs and outcome metrics. Zeiders provides visibility of critical management data resulting in improved decision making and enhanced management controls. Reporting spans transition, call center management, quality, outreach and IT operations
Zeiders Receives International Customer Management Institute (ICMI) Global Contact Center Award for the Best Medium Contact Center.

The ICMI Global Contact Center Awards Program honors and recognizes the companies, contact centers and individuals that provide a platform for leadership, vision, innovation and strategic accomplishments for the customer management industry. The ICMI Awards program represents the entire call center and customer service industry, from all sectors both public and private and of all sizes.

A Case for Zeiders
Meeting Customer Requirements and Serving Client Needs

  • Multiple delivery modalities include phone calls, online chat, email, Skype, webinars, and a robust web presence;
  • Ability to handle surge requirement and flexibility for changing workload demands; and
  • Language and translation services for a diverse population with over 6,000 linguists in 180 languages.