Stress Awareness Month image 2017This month is dedicated to increasing public awareness about the dangers of stress, encouraging successful coping strategies, and eliminating harmful misconceptions about stress.

Stress is our body’s way of responding to any kind of demand or threat. When we feel threatened, our nervous system responds by releasing a flood of stress hormones which rouse the body for emergency action. Research has shown that stress can have a harmful impact on our immune system, and chronic stress can be even more significant. It can raise blood pressure, increase the risk of heart disease, increase vulnerability to anxiety and depression, and hasten the aging process.

However, taking a step back and looking at the stressors in life and how to handle them could help in multiple ways. That’s why health care professionals all over the country come together in April to help raise awareness about stress, and “stress” why it is important to deal with it correctly. Zeiders’ salutes the professionals helping military members and their families deal more effectively with stress through educational services or counseling for personal stress and operational stress control.

This year, National Stress Awareness Day takes place on April 16, 2017. This is the day to sit back and take a breath. Try the simple cures – breath, laugh and relax. Stress will always be a part of our lives, so it’s important to keep in mind ways to cope. Strategies like exercise, meditation, rest, and even the unconditional love of a pet help us to de-stress and lower blood pressure.